As our commitment to our environment and community, we apply several policies to supports and grow our commitment to become a Sustainable-Ecologically based hotel. It is our responsible that is both ecologically and culturally sensitive.

With the existence of the property then the impact on the environment as well. It carries both positive and negative stigma. The green movement has been widely spoken by many societies. However, is it really true? We hope to make the cleaning process a lifestyle and available to everyone interested in going to zero ways. In this way the impact grows exponentially around the world and becomes a property that cares and synchronizes with nature.

At the present time, concentration on waste issues and clean environmental conditions is one of the major problems in every country. Various kinds of waste have been produced. In small scales as well as larger scales. Various ways have been done to control the use of things that cause environmental pollutants pollution. The impact is, the most influential is the condition of soil, water and air. Healthy lifestyle has been far from expectations, caused by substances that contaminate something, especially water or atmosphere.

Bhuwana Ubud is back to innovation that refers to the big problems that seem real today. Various efforts and research to become a healthy property, environmentally friendly, and even spread the good. In essence, nature will work with us if we are able to keep it. Sticking to the commitment to achieve the vision and mission towards a healthy hotel, Bhuwana Ubud introduces to a continuous causal audience to an ecological-based.

Some of which has become our goal is, the system of separation of organic and non organic waste. We have our own waste processing system which will be processed into fertilizer in our garden. The gardens we have are also organic gardens that are completely without use of pesticides.

While from non-organic waste we use in hydroponic garden as a growing media. What does it have to do with health? Of course very closely related. With the creation of clean air, supported by a healthy food then life will also be balanced.

Why are we proud to declare about going to Zero Waste program. With the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle, and replace we have done all kinds of efforts to implementation care for nature. In future we hope to be Inspiring Place For A Better Life.