The Kedaton Spa​

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Inspired by ancient techniques and treatments used for the Javanese Royal family, Bhuwana Ubud Hotel proudly presents Kedaton Spa, a spa combining traditional and modern healing techniques with botanical ingredients that capture the healing powers of plants, herbs and ancient remedies, as well as the therapeutic touch of our trained therapists, to deliver a deep sense of relaxation, long lasting beauty and wellbeing.

Choose to indulge in one of our signature treatments, or perhaps a herbal spa experience. Be pampered by our trademark all-natural, hand-made oils, potions, scrubs and wraps blended from our very own medicinal plants home grown, and nurtured in our organic garden. 

Our holistic, one of a kind treatment were made specially to soothe, revitalize, and rejuvenate both your body and mind. Indulge yourself in pure bliss and relaxation with the Kedaton Spa, and be assured of the true meaning of paradise


Please find our available treatments as per below:

SHIRODARA - Ayurvedic Treatment

Beautiful deeply relaxing treatment involves pouring a steam of warm oil over the forehead, powerful treatment. For relieving system, lower metabolism, integrates brain function and creates brain wave including Balinese massage + organic fruit facial + hairwash + ginger or jamu kunyit

– Book Massage @ IDR 500,000 per person, for 180 Minutes.


This full-body massage is a unique combinations or traditional Balinese technique acupressure on muscle manipulation on harmonious movement.

– Book Massage Package#1 @ IDR 175,000 per person, for 60 Minutes.
– Book Massage Package#2 @ IDR 245,000 per person, for 90 Minutes.


A harmonious body massage using herbal oils chosen especially to compliment your particular requirements this treatment includes an invigorating face and body massage.

– Book Massage Package#1 @ IDR 195,000 per person, for 60 Minutes.
– Book Massage Package#2 @ IDR 275,000 per person, for 90 Minutes.


Heat of warmed stones penetrates the tissues increasing blood flow and circulation, relieves muscle discomfort Heel and energizes, influencing the energy center and balancing both body and mind.

– Book Massage @ IDR 285,000 per person, for 90 Minutes.


Special treatment for your neck, shoulder, and hands when you feel so tired, you can feel a big change after treatment.

– Book Massage @ IDR 105,000 per person, for 30 Minutes.


This stress point – focused massage is favorite upon arrival in Bali. Perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating after a long journey. An oils experience, focusing on the back, shoulder and neck.

Book Massage @ IDR 110,000 per person, for 30 Minutes.


This body scrub treatment, this treatment will clear your skin from dead cells, giving the body nutrient, deodorize body, brightening the skin, and followed by a refreshing yogurt moisturizer restoring the skin’s naturla pH balance. All scrub include body massage and flower bath. Scrub selection: Javanese Lulur | Sea Salt Scrub | Kedaton Rice Scrub | Coffee Scrub | Green Tea Scrub | Candle Nut Scrub |

Book Massage @ IDR 310,000 per person, for 90 Minutes.


Body polish treatment will makes skin active nutrition for the skin, moisture to the skin anti-oxidant, anti cancer, and balancing the skin. Papaya + Yogurt | Avocado + Yogurt | Cucumber | Honey body polish for “sunburn”.

– Book Massage @ IDR 285,000 per person, for 90 Minutes.


Boreh Bali – An ancient Balinese remedy made from warming spices. A relaxing warming paste is massaged onto the body when a cold or the flu threatens or the soothe aching muscles. The treatment finishes with herbal bath. Balinese Borese is a body wrap which is developed in Bali. This is a traditional village remedy originally use by the rice farmers which is very good for warming the muscles and it is very good wrap for people who get cold and flu.

This is special tree which grows in Bali, Clove has an analgesic effect, good warming and for toothache, it is an atiseptic and increases the blood circulation, Cinnamon, Stimulates a sluggish digestive system and warms up the body, Rice Flour to softens the skin

– Book Massage @ IDR 300,000 per person, for 90 Minutes.


  • Our Organic Fruit Facial product ingredients are fresh-prepared everyday and included.
  • Cucumber Juice as Toner
  • Cucumber is very refreshing and its very beneficial to tone our skin and keep it fresh.
  • Candle Nut and Honey as Cleanser
  • Candle nut is very moisturizing and honey is good for nourish and softening the skin.
  • Candle Nut as A Scrub
  • Grated candle nut is a nice peeling scrub. It makes a moisturizer effect and it’s very good to exfoliate the dead skin cell.

– Book Treatment @ IDR 165,000 per person, for 60 Minutes.


1# Hair Cream Bath
Relaxing cream-bath with perfect combination of aloe vera, carrot, avocado, and coconut, with gentle head massage.

Book Treatment @ IDR 165,000/60 min

2# Hair Wash
Enjoy a professional hari wash includes a scalp massage hari tonic.

– Book Treatment @ IDR 85,000/60 min

*Tax and Services 21 %