Travel Revolution is a travel event aimed at bringing the best travel deals to consumers. Organized by the Singapore Outbond Travel Agents Association (SOTAA). The mission is to promote co-operation among our members. The association represent members to deal with government authorities and other industry partners on issues that affect their business. As all the members are from the outbound leisure sector of the travel industry, the association can speak with one united voice.

SOTAA through Travel Revolution welcomes tourism organisations who seek co-operation with our members for destination promotion or branding. It has been given the mandate to organize 2 travel fairs annually. The exhibiton have been successfully supported by all members and more importantly, they have received the strong support of the travel partners like airlines, National Tourism boards, credit cards, banks, and travel publications.

Back for its fourth annual installment, the Travel Revolution Fair comes fully armed with the best deals and more to give us a truly rewarding experience. We, Bhuwana Ubud Hotel come as a representative on behalf of members from Indonesia. We shared a lot of our hotel facilities and our main vision as a healthy and environmentally hotel. With our experience following this exhibition, this make us believe that our aim is deal with consumer demand. They really enjoy and want to know more of how we make a human and nature becoming one and really close one to another. Yes, its surprised us and this exhibition was totally great.