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Bhuwana Ubud Hotel And Farming

According to ancient Hindu writings the word “Bhuwana” means Earth and, “Ubud” means medicine. Bhuwana ubud can thus be defined as medicines that are provided by the earth.

Bhuwana Ubud is committed to the vision of serving as the preferred holistic holiday retreat: A destination that offers comfort and wellbeing to every guest and delivers this with warmth and sincerity.


Bhuwana Ubud has 40 distinguished Deluxe Rooms, showcasing rich finishes, high-quality fittings and comfy furnishings. These units have been designed with a unique combination of traditional Balinese architecture and contemporary fixtures.

Guest Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Kedaton Spa


Swimming Pool

Yoga Hall

Dinner with Bhuwana

Located on the ground floor of the hotel overlooking our free-form swimming pool, At Bhuwana we provide you with a place to rejuvenate in a most natural way, and assure that after your stay you will be replenished with energy, and assure that after your stay you will be replenished with energy.

At our restaurant in Bhuwana we would like to invite and encourage you to try and recognize the incredible nourishment nature brings us, by serving you foods bursting full of vitamins and nutr…


At Bhuwana Ubud we are truly passionate about creating a healthy environment on all different levels. We realize that we will not be able to achieve this if the surrounding environment does not support a healthy ambience.